Additional access to 40 million songs instantly helps us keep up with requests during your event.

American DJ Lights are used to provide spectacular up lighting. This allows special events that require the entire room to be lit up to "glow" in the color of your choice.

We use Yamaha mixers at our smaller events where small size is needed but large sound is expected..

Designed and hand-built by Tim at SlimStreet Sounds, this pair of massive 18", high-powered subs are made to add unparalleled bass to large outdoor events .

What puts the "sound" in SlimStreet Sounds? The best equipment!

We use Apple MacBook Pros, iPads and iPhones as our primary sound and storage devices for each and every event.

Line 6 makes some of the best body packs around. Being "wired up" for a show allows us to move around the room and interact with the crowd.

GTD Audio UHF Wireless mics allow us to move freely around the room and work the crowd.

We use Shure SM and BLX Series microphones for the clearest sound in every environment.

Chauvet DJ Lights are used to provide a truly professional and exciting light show. From moving heads, UV lights and dance lights to hazers and lasers, we can take your event to the next level.

We use Mackie ProFX soundboards and speakers to produce the highest quality sounds.

When only the best will do. The iSP TriMax speaker system is the true power behind SlimStreet Sounds. iSP Technologies is American owned and American made. With iSP you can truly       "Feel the Passion". 

Let Our Music Move You

With access to 50 million songs at the touch of a button through Apple Music, we can always handle any requests.

For medium venues we like to use the QSC K series speakers, subs and a Touchmix Soundboard. With amazing coverage and sound clarity, QSC never disappoints.

For small to medium venues, we like to use EV's newest line array speakers, the Evolve 50. You won't believe your ears.

SlimStreet Sounds