4 hour parties start at $400


Additional hours- Add $75 per additional hour

This is far and away the question we get asked the most. How much does a good DJ cost? This is a great question because prices do vary from DJ to DJ and from area to area, but please keep in mind that you should never shop for a DJ by price alone. There are good DJ's like us at SlimStreet Sounds who try to keep prices affordable and then there are mediocre DJ's who charge high prices. To avoid finding out too late, know what you are getting before your event. Talk to your DJ and ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask for references. Find out what kind of equipment they use. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the DJ and their personality. If, after talking to the DJ you still have worries, trust your instinct and move on. A good DJ can be the life of your event, so don't trust your event to just anyone.

School Functions:

Please contact us directly for a quote concerning your school event. We offer awesome discounts for school events.

SlimStreet Sounds

Please keep in mind that the prices above are just to give you an idea of the costs and to help you with planning a budget for your event. Please contact us with your event idea and we can help get you an exact price for your specific event.

Let Our Music Move You


4 hour receptions start at $600


Onsite Ceremony- Add $150 (Music and Sound only).

Additional hours- Add $75 per additional hour